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Mountain Biking

This map was originally posted on our unidentified maps blog, but Becky contacted us to identify her map. The map depicts a spot in the city of Milwaukee where Becky likes to go mountain biking. She tells us, "All other trails in Wisconsin are at least an hour away, so this spot is very important. The trails are maintained by a crew of volunteers and get better all the time. At the time of this map's drawing, they weren't signed very well, so I drew this map for my friend Nick, who wanted to go, and was worried about getting lost. I only had the colorful pens that were stock at my corporate job, so that's the factor that chose the colors for me! I had fun drawing it!"

2009-12-20 : Franklin, Wisconsin, United States : Becky Tesch


Brass Monkey

This map, drawn on the back of a tourist brochure, was created by Eileen's friend Rachel. The map explains the route to the Brass Monkey, a bar in Racine.

2009-04-18 : Racine, Wisconsin, United States : Eileen M. Flanagan


"R" Party

The HDMA has recently had the opportunity to hit the road in search of new maps. Early in May we visited Sheboygan, Wisconsin to do a map making workshop at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. Janna came to the workshop wearing this t-shirt. She made it as a costume for her friend's "R" themed birthday party going as a road map of Rhode Island. HDMA members and visitors to the museum spent the afternoon drawing maps. We left most of them at the art center so they could display them, but we think Janna's T-shirt serves as a great document to the day.

2009-05-02 : Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States : Janna Nelson


Earth Day

This map was used in a brochure for the 2007 Earth Day celebrations in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Angie sent it to us while she was preparing for the 2008 festivities.

2007-04-22 : Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States : Angie Fischer


Driving to Stockholm

This map is missing a description.

2006-00-00 : Stockholm, Wisconsin, United States : David Wyrick


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