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Pier writes,"A woman asked me to create a map for her soon-to-be husband which was to depict all the places that he called 'home.' This request comes every once in a while. Clients asking for a world map showing all the places an individual (or family) has visited. A map of even a well-traveled man would show vast areas of places NOT visited. Here, however, I came up with an idea that I felt worked. A massive pile of overlapping books. The four open atlases display maps describing the four areas - each in a different way. The charming and exotic town names of North Carolina, the tangled highways of the Twin Cities (the key showing roads under construction, snow emergency routes and the ways to drive to 'the cabin'). The zoomed in map of his Oxford College, the zoomed out map of the Hub of the Universe. The only 'home' location lacking is represented by a closed book with the title 'Stork among the Flamingos' as he was born in Florida and lived there for just a few months. Other book titles describe a bit of personal history. He was in a marching band in NC, sought shelter in his trailer park during tornados in Minnesota, Enjoyed soccer in England, and was in a fraternity at MIT. The location where he met his future wife, their wedding date and venue and present home as also among the titles."

2011-07-27 : Various : Pier Gustafson


Sad, Sad Mechanic

Sabine's map reveals memories of her childhood growing up in Germany while mixing in doses of her adult reality in Arkansas. She reveals the mundane reality of everyday life through simple statements such as sad mechanic, first encounters with arugula and japanese eggplant, empty lot, and bored cows. Soundtrack: Talking Heads Heaven.

2011-02-26 : Various Locations : Sabine Schmidt


Conan Map

Allison Lacher, a good friend of the HDMA and professor at Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois sent us a bunch of maps she had her students draw. We'll be sharing some of them here and some on our other site Unidentified Maps. This is one of our favorites: A map drawn by Hannah to document Conan O'Brien's recent live tour. Hannah admits, "The map represents the somewhat stalker-like love that I have for Coco." Thanks Hannah.

2010-08-13 : Various Locations : Hannah Bradshaw


I've Been Here

Louise writes, "Here's a hand drawn map for you! It's one I recently created by drawing the outlines of all the countries I've ever been to on top of each other. They include the UK, Finland, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and the Philippines."

2010-04-12 : Various Locations : Louise Norman


Lick Me

Phil tell us, "I was going through some boxes of stuff from my old job and found my map of the Americas. I remember making it but don't remember the exact reason. A salesperson had said something really stupid about something and to explain it to him I drew this map and then added lick me to it for some reason. Wish I could remember the entire story."

2010-01-20 : North and South America : Phil Leitch



Anne shared this map she drew to include in a scrapbook. The map documents a trip her family took to New England and Quebec in 2008.

2010-01-19 : United States and Canada : Anne Williams


Social Studies

Courtney found these maps while cleaning out her closet. She created them for a project in her seventh grade social studies class in 1998. The project included maps of the entire Eastern hemisphere including these maps of Europe and the Middle East. She recalled toiling over the maps as no tracing was allowed. As part of the project, she also created a map of the world using torn paper to represent the different continents. Unfortunately over time Antarctica was lost.

1998-00-00 : Various Locations : Courtney Rizzo




Childhood Car Rides

Joli sat down at our table at Philly Zine Fest for over an hour drawing this map of her childhood car rides. It truly is one of the most detailed maps we have received (especially at our table events). In honor of her efforts (and because we like this map so much), we thought it should have it's own special day with nothing else posted to the site. See more of the maps we collected that day in our two curated collections: CC.3a featuring maps of Philadelphia and CC.3b featuring a collection of maps to all kinds of different locations.

2009-09-20 : Various US locations : Joli Reichel


Looking for a Good Contractor

Scott sent us a whole bunch of maps the other day. Some went into the book and others we'll be sharing here. First up are two maps to different contractor locations Scott found in his construction log.

2009-00-00 : Various Locations : Scott Griffith


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