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Wee Map

Kay drew this map in her diary as a way to quickly reference the location of her appointment at a community center. She writes, "I had a rough idea of where I was going but just wanted a simple prompt. It did the job."

2011-02-19 : Hexham, Northumberland, United Kingdom : Kay Steven


Window View

Tina writes, "This map is based on the view from my window. It is an aesthetic response to the graveyard of which my flat borders. While it is a very quiet place, and not visited by people very often, because I live next to it I get to see the 'comings and goings' of not only the animals, of which there are many, but also the people. While the animals are totally open in their actions - the squirrels scratching themselves, the blue tits cleaning their beaks, the robins 'beating up' the hedge sparrows - some of the human visitors behave a bit 'cagey', like they think they are not supposed to be there.

"The 'Action Zone' is the area around my window. It is named this because this is where I feed the animals and hence it is a draw to all the birds and squirrels. The animals seem to think it is a tuck shop. Unfortunately they do not realise there is only food in the 'Special View' section, so sometimes they come in in order to see what other delicacies might be inside, much to their disapointment..."

2011-05-01 : Headlingley, Leeds, United Kingdom : Tina Richardson


What, do you want me to draw you a map?

Alan's map sarcastically describes the path taken to reach the top of a tower. While working as a tour guide at St. Stephens Church, he was asked by a nervous visitor to describe in detail how to reach the top of the tower. Alan describes his response as somewhat uncharitable (but funny, nonetheless).

2010-10-19 : Bristol, United Kingdom : Alan Altoft


Here Be the Kitchen

Lux drew this map with her eight-year-old daughter as a way to occupy time on a rainy afternoon. She creates a fanciful world based on her home's thoroughly modern kitchen in a converted Victorian era garment factory. The kitchen appliances become potentially treacherous points of interest. The refrigerator houses the icy lair of Evil Troutus, the stove transforms into an island of fire, and her precariously overstuffed bookshelf morphs into the Cliffs of Madness. It seems the kitchen's own island, the High Plateau, offers a safe haven amidst the chaos.

Lux includes a reference to the phrase "Here Be Dragons" near the plateau. This expression, often used today as a way to indicate uncharted territory, is found once in the history of cartography. The Lenox Globe, one of the earliest terrestrial globes created in the 14th century, includes in Latin "hic sunt dracones" on the coast of Asia. Indeed this reference is more cultural than cartographic. Today the phrase appears to have a strong tie to geek culture showing up in places such as Firefox 3, the html code for Vimeo, and the television show Lost. The geek-friendly cartography project OpenStreetMap, a free collaborative map of the world, uses the phrase to reference unmapped areas. It seems our 21st century meme to describe the unknown is indeed "here be dragons."

For more information see Erin C. Blake's Where Be "Here Be Dragons?" and Wikipedia's list of cultural references.

2010-10-30 : Chester, United Kingdom : Lady Lux



Daily Map

Alan has been creating these daily diary maps for years. He just shared this one with us today: "The day I took my son to the airport and then had to go back to work." Anyone else out there do this kind of journaling/doodling?

2010-09-17 : Bristol, United Kingdom : Alan Altoft


Dotted Lines

Karen created these maps to record her daily journeys. She became fascinated by the shapes and patterns we create with our wandering. In her system, the dotted lines symbolize walking while regular lines indicate travel by bus or car. Between the lines are colors and textures. Many of the textures are drawn by placing her pen on a piece of paper and letting the movement of the car jerk her hand around. The lines created by this process haphazardly document the traveling vehicle.

2010-01-02 : Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom : Karen Pringle



Can I Inspire You

Richard sent this drawing as part of a letter to a friend asking if she'd like to spend a week with him adventuring in the Scottish highlands. Hope she said yes.

2010-05-31 : Scotland, United Kingdom : Richard Duffy



Map to Dundee

From Rashmi we have a map to her home in Dundee if you are traveling there from Edinburgh.

2010-02-26 : Dundee, United Kingdom : Rashmi Kakde


Two Main Stations

James writes, "I must have drawn this map about a dozen times now, so it's been refined with each evolution. Glasgow has two major railway stations: Central is the terminus for trains from England and the south, Queen Street is the terminus for trains from the north and fast trains from Edinburgh. There is no fixed link between the two, although passengers with through tickets can take a free shuttle bus. Alternatively its a pleasant enough ten minute walk through the city centre of Glasgow. As an architect I'm intrigued that we now primarily use shops as urban landmarks.... I don't always include the Trongate Church or Buchanan Street underground station as most visitors to Glasgow find Borders and the Apple Store more useful as navigation points."

2009-09-30 : Glasgow, United Kingdom : James Brown


I Heart Oxford

Michael drew this map of Oxford for a London newspaper. They were publishing a variety of articles on different cities in the United Kingdom. The newspaper later decided against using Michael's hand drawn map in favor of a more formal map of the area.

2007-00-00 : Oxford, United Kingdom : Michael Hill


Arts Trail

Alison writes, "The Farnham Maltings - the community arts centre in my hometown - received funding from the National Lottery's "Awards for All" scheme to commission four projects pairing local artists with community groups to create unique pieces of work. I made this map to illustrate the route of the Arts Trail which links the four projects together."

2009-04-18 : Farnham, Surrey, United Kingdom : Alison Ford



Tom sent us this map with a simple note: "Here is a Map my mother Ilse Barker made to direct visitors to her house in the early 1990's, I hope it is of some interest."

1990-00-00 : Midhurst, West Sussex, United Kingdom : Tom Barker


Pigeon Garden

Alex writes, "this map was for my boyfriend I think, I was showing him the route from my house in Hereford to the Pigeon Garden, a funny little area of fenced off grass with a couple of trees in it by the river. There are always pigeons sitting around in it in the summer, they love it! It also shows the way to my two favourite charity shops where I like to buy loads of fabrics and funny bric-a-brac to make things with."

2008-11-14 : Hereford, United Kingdom : Alex Williams


Office Rescue

This map complete with miserable co-workers and an attack pelican seems appropriate for posting on a Friday morning. The submitter writes, "my map was drawn out of sheer boredom in the 30 minutes I had to wait for my boss to turn up at a recent disciplinary meeting at work. This is the 3rd meeting in two months I've had to attend for minor offense's committed. I'm convinced my boss is arranging them for his own amusement. It is completely accurate (except for the pelican) but not exactly to scale. Hope you like it."

2008-08-01 : Leeds, United Kingdom : Anonymous


Mother India's Cafe

Every once in a while we get a map uploaded to our fileshare that is completely anonymous and without any information. We're going to start sharing some of those with you as well. Luckily this map is quite self explanatory and we even verified it with Google Maps. The map outlines a path from the Scottish Parliament to Mother India's Cafe. To get there, head west on Canongate and turn left onto South Bridge. You'll probably see the castle in the distance. If anyone knows more information about this map, please let us know.

2008-00-00 : Edinburgh, United Kingdom : Anonymous


Cory Doctorow in Cambridge

David writes, "I drew it in MS pain(t) a few weeks ago. A friend was picking me up so that we could go listen to Cory Doctorow speak in Cambridge. This map shows the important landmarks in Addenbrooke's Hospital that he needed to follow in order to find me."

2008-07-22 : Cambridge, United Kingdom : David Morgan


How to Find the HDMA

Mark writes us: "I found your site after a few hours surfing around. So, after a look around, I decided to 'draw a map after the event' ie. find a location and then draw a map of how you got there!"

2008-06-20 : Colchester, United Kingdom : Mark Stowe


Unknown Map #2

This map was anonymously uploaded to our drop box. We would love to hear more about it, so send us an email if it's your map. We know that BP, Dobbies, and ASDA are all stores (well, one's a gas station) in the UK. What about clubhouse? Is that another well known place? A restaurant perhaps? Or is this an actual clubhouse? It seems like a strange location for a childhood clubhouse in such a heavy retail district. At any rate, if you know more than we do, let us know.

2008-05-26 : United Kingdom : Anonymous



Neil Jones emailed us with a map to the Farne lighthouse in Northumberland. He created it on a quiet Friday at work (he works for the national lighthouse service). Neil also provided us with the Latitude and Longitude of the lighthouse (55 36\'.93 N 01 39\'.25 W) and encouraged us to look it up on Google Earth. OK, we will!

2008-03-12 : Great Farne Island, United Kingdom : Neil Jones


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