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Finding Home

Ammon recently sent us these two maps. The first was drawn to help a guest find his former home in Middletown, Pennsylvania when traveling from the west. The second was for a friend who teaches at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania providing directions to his home in Harrisburg.

2011-01-26 : Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States : Ammon Perry



Two Routes Home

Lindsay sent this map on a paper towel drawn by her friend Nick. The map was drawn for Lindsay's boyfriend's sister, Molly who would be traveling from their home in Lancaster to her home in Annville, Pennsylvania. Lindsay writes, "The map actually shows two routes but Molly, somewhat apprehensive behind the wheel, was a bit intimidated by the first route (Lancaster to Chestnut to Queen). A second one was plotted where she would only need to make one left turn (Walnut to Mary to Lemon to Queen)."

2011-01-13 : Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States : Lindsay Carone


Getting Home

Susan drew this map after getting lost on her way home to Philadelphia over Thanksgiving weekend. She writes, "I stayed with this boy in Brooklyn [who lives at the point marked 88*R]. We had pancakes in the morning, which was really nice. On my way home, I had plans to meet another friend for coffee (at the Clover Club, also in New York). Then the plan was to just cross the bridge, hop on the New Jersey Turnpike and get home in time to write an enormous paper for school. Instead, I missed the bridge, ended up in Coney Island, got directions again, then got lost in a very very dark, woodsy part of the state, and had to figure my way out of there, no phone, no GPS." Eventually Susan found her way home via the Ben Franklin bridge blaming the ordeal partially on herself and partially on the chaotically organized state of New Jersey.

2010-11-28 : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States : Susan Liedke



Barnes and Noble

Inspired by our collection of maps, Sonja created this drawing from the point of view of her kids. It shows their protests and exclamations as they visit a Barnes and Noble bookstore with their mother.

2010-10-07 : Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, United States : Sonja Seawright



4 Doors Down

Justin sent this map he found pasted to a window on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. The instructions direct the map reader to a new pawn shop location through a series of rather commanding arrows.

2010-09-03 : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States : Justin Rectenwald


Change the Paper

Chris sent us this diagram he drew in 1988 of a toilet paper dispenser. He was working at the Rosenbach Museum and Library in Philadelphia where one of his tasks involved cleaning the bathroom - so much so it seemed he was the only person who ever changed the toilet paper. Realizing his fellow employees may simply skip the task because the dispenser was somewhat complex, he drew this diagram for them. The next day each person received a photocopy in their mailbox encouraging everyone to pitch in. Needless to say, Chris told us the diagram didn't help, but everyone got a good laugh. Now, 22 years later, if you ever find yourself visiting the museum, you'll now know how to either steal the paper or lend a helping hand to the current toilet paper steward.

1988-00-00 : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States : Christopher Hiester



Mütter Museum

A detailed map of the Mütter Museum drawn by Old WB. The HDMA highly recommends this medical oddities museum if you ever travel to Philly.

2010-04-23 : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States : Old WB



Graffiti Map

Ben recently found this map drawn in Sharpie on a set of bleachers at Reservoir Park in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

2009-10-28 : Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States : Ben Leech


From One Mall to the Other

This map shows how to get from one mall in Lancaster (Park City Mall) to another in York (the Galleria). Probably the best feature of the map drawn by Shalya's husband, Jeffrey Moser, is the rendering of the Columbia-Wrightsville bridge going over the Susquehanna River.

2007-00-00 : Lancaster to York, Pennsylvania, United States : Shalya Marsh


Duckie Wucks

Sharon drew this map of her favorite park, Lititz Spring Park after her son, frequent map contributor Christian Herr, coerced her into doing so.

2009-04-00 : Lititz, Pennsylvania, United States : Sharon Burkholder


Stolen Bike

Christian recently submitted this map that happens to be drawn on top of the face of Barry Manilow. The story is pretty self-explanatory. The map, in white paint marker, documents a stolen bike that was the result of not having a proper bike lock. Lesson learned. The text drawn in pen on Manilow's face has nothing to do with the actual story or Manilow himself. It is simply a random juxtaposition of words.

2009-02-00 : Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States : Christian Herr


Wedding Explanation

Justin sent us this map that he drew for the pastor of his wedding to explain how everything would be setup. The wedding took place at the boathouse and dock of the Fairmount Rowing Associaiton in Philadelphia.

2008-00-00 : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States : Justin Rectenwald


Groundhog's Backyard Route

Andrea sent us this map to commemorate a groundhog that lives under her shed and frequents her neighbor's garden.

2008-08-00 : Neffsville, Pennsylvania, United States : Andrea Biller-Collins


Visit Me

R. writes, "giving direction to a visitor from Rhode Island, I created this map showing the route from I-95 south to my house, the map scale zooming in as one gets closer. There is some coffee damage to the original map, which makes it a bit more interesting. Although I maintain the map in my files, its usefulness is questionable - don't look for me at the house indicated, as I have since married J. Graham and relocated to South County (RI)."

2008-00-00 : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States : R. Krivinskas


Hunter Rocks

Julie recently sent us this map drawn by her friend Luke explaining the location of a rock climbing area called Hunter Rocks. The map is a little smaller than we usually like, but we love the reference to the parking lot and the story of how this simple map turned out to be a little too simple causing Julie and her friends to get lost on their first attempt to find the location. She explains, "on the other side of the parking lot, there is another trail (the one he indicates on the map isn't marked) that goes up another 'big hill' and across a 'stream.' So we went that way (oops, wrong side of the parking lot). 1.5 hours later we realized we were on the top of the WRONG BIG HILL and had to walk all the way back down. We had only been trying to find a rock climbing area about 5 minutes away."

2004-10-02 : Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, United States : Julie Jakoboski


My Summer of Fun

Good friend of the HDMA, Will Haughery, drew this map to explain to his friends how to find their way home from downtown Lancaster. "How to get from my summer of fun to yours" includes some detailed commentary about the city such as the train station, a "strange void of nothingness" where many old buildings are currently being torn down, and the idea that perhaps happiness lies somewhere to the east.

2008-08-09 : Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States : Will Haughery



This map submitted by our friend Shalya shows how to find the Homefields Farm, a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It's a farm that we belong to as do many of our friends in the area. Our favorite reason for belonging to the farm is the berries: blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. They have other great produce as well, but the berries are the best. The farm also operates a vocational training program through Goodwill Industries offering job training opportunities to individuals with developmental disabilities or other special needs.

2006-00-00 : Millersville, Pennsylvania, United States : Shalya Marsh


Amish Roofer

Clifford needed work done on his roof. This is a map to an Amish roofer drawn by someone when he stopped and asked for recommendations at a local job site. The man could not remember the phone number for this particular person, so he drew this map explaining how to get to his house instead.

2008-04-00 : Bird In Hand, Pennsylvania, United States : Clifford Eberly


Yellow Breaches

This map was drawn by Joelle Hacker explaining how to drive to the Allenberry Resort Inn, a point on the Yellow Breeches river near Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania. The Yellow Breeches is a popular fly fishing destination named because of a legend that the water stained the uniforms of British soldiers during the revolutionary war.

2004-00-00 : Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, United States : Harriet Hacker


Night in October

This entry is missing a description.

2007-10-00 : Stars over Pennsylvania : Harriet Hacker


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