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Manhattan Behavioral Map

Alec says, "I learned about 'behavioral maps' in sociology class in college. All hand drawn maps are more or less behavioral maps because they reflect the scale and importance of place in the human brain - like the famous map of Manhattan by [Saul] Steinberg."

1986-00-00 : New York City, New York, United States : Alec



Anne says, "These are maps I drew for myself to get to and from my hotel in downtown Troy, NY to my school reunion at Emma Willard on Pawling Ave (once I got on Congress, I knew my way). With no access to a printer, I drew it from looking at Google Maps on my laptop. As noted, the map I still had problems navigating. I missed the turn for Ferry St and had to take the 19th St bridge over the Hudson into Watervliet. Made the same mistake twice."

2010-09-09 : Troy, New York, United States : Anne M. Bray



Francesca, an artist from Italy, created this map after spending a month in New York last summer. She often found herself walking through various parts of city thinking of specific Regina Spektor lyrics. After returning home, she created this map as a way to remember the journey.

2011-01-14 : New York, New York, United States : Francesca Pasini



Tuesday in New York

Don drew this map to document a day spent in Manhattan. He often draws maps like this in his Moleskin, adding to them throughout the day. A few more examples can be seen on flickr.

2010-09-21 : New York, New York, United States : Don Moyer


Appalachian Trail

In the 1990's Mark was involved with a group that led middle school students on hikes through the Appalachian Trail. After one of the trips, he drew this map for the students as a way to remember the journey. When I looked at the map in my email for the first time, I was intrigued by all of the details he included, and how they transform such a public space into a uniquely personal story. I asked Mark if he would mind providing some background about these details, and he responded with this story.

1998-00-00 : Bear Mountain, New York, United States : Mark Cook


First Map of New York

Jodi shared this map drawn by her seven-year-old son, Sammy. This is Sammy's first attempt at mapping the five boroughs of New York and the surrounding area. He has drawn many maps since including a folded street map of Brooklyn. He stopped working on it once it reached the size of the family's living room. In this map, the scale might be off just a bit, but the relationships are quite accurate. Currently Sammy hopes to pursue cartography as a career.

2010-10-12 : New York City, New York, United States : Sammy Muench (Courtesy Jodi Muench)


So You're Leaving Home

Macrae created this flowchart after relocating to New York City and living there for three years. Beginning with a brief layover in Grad School/Guatemala, she charts her journey within the city focusing mainly on her professional life, love interests, and her search for the perfect apartment. She writes, "I found myself still struggling to explain to friends and family back home the why and hows of everything that's happened. So much so that I'd lost track of how everything then turned into everything now."

2010-05-30 : New York, New York, United States : Caitlin Macrae


Manhattan, circa 1980

Janine notes on the back of the map, "I made this map ca. 1980, under the influence of John Held. I lived on East 16th Street in Manhattan and worked in the famous Brill Building at 1619 Broadway. An ex-boyfriend had 'joined' the Moonies, which is why the former New Yorker Hotel figures so prominently. I see that I made the Twin Towers as they looked at night, ribboned with worklights. I was probably concerned they wouldn't be visible enough against the water. I remember I used an old-fashioned dipping pen used to draw music staff to make the rivers. I love the floating 30 Rock building. I worked there before the Brill. I was the music coordinator for the first run of Saturday Night Live."

1980-00-00 : New York, New York, United States : Janine Nichols


My First Year

Rob, an artist currently living in Brooklyn, sent us this drawing/bike map that documents some of his memories and experiences from his first few months living in New York. We'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that we are collecting maps for an exhibition this fall at the Pratt Manhattan Galley. The open call for maps of New York continues through the end of May. See our participate page for complete information.

2010-05-25 : New York, New York, United States : Rob Servo


Finger Lakes

Eileen drew this map to document a bike ride through the finger lakes area of New York state.

2010-01-12 : Springwater, New York, United States : Eileen M. Flanagan



Eileen's friend, HM, made this map to show her a shortcut from his home to the 390 Highway in southern New York state.

2009-04-18 : Wellsville, New York, United States : Eileen M. Flanagan


Homage to my Commute

John sent these three sketches documenting his commute from Cold Spring to New York City. This was his regular weekly routine from April 2007 to December 2008. Part A consists of his walk from his house to the train. Part B is the journey via train from Cold Spring to Manhattan, and part C is his walk from Grand Central Station to his office.

2009-02-00 : New York, United States : John Hutchison





Nudie Beach

Steffanie recently sent us one of her favorite maps. She writes, "there are some beautiful beaches on Long Island. However, most are very crowded. Like Jones Beach. Pretty much everyone ends up there and if you're like me you enjoy the beach for the sun and sand, not for the party. Little do those people know that if they only drove another 20 minutes they would end up in Robert Moses State Park, which is much more secluded. Field 5 is private, but if you walk another ten minutes you strike gold - the nudie beach. It's not for everyone, and oh how I wish more people felt that way. But, it works for me. This map was drawn by my friend's husband, who introduced many a Manhattanite to the nudie beach. As you can see from the fax machine stamp at the top of the page, the artist works for the NYPD Transit division."

2001-07-00 : Long Island, New York, United States : Steffanie Savine


Apartment Memory

John sent us this map from his collection of personal journals that he has been keeping for the last 15 years. The map indicates the location of his apartment in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn where he lived from September 2003 to April 2007.

2007-09-00 : Brooklyn, New York, United States : John Hutchison


Chad's map to Jenn

This is a map I drew for a friend going out to visit another friend in Brooklyn. The map is probably 3 years old now. It was never meant to have this kind of staying power, but my friend Jenn (the friend that this map leads to) really liked it, and scanned it in. She's a graphic designer (I'm a 3rd-grade teacher), so it meant a lot to me that she liked the map.

: Brooklyn, New York, United States : Chad Mullen


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