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Marhsall created this drawing of his local area indicating that some of the buildings shown here have sadly disappeared as a result of recent development.

2011-01-26 : Londonderry, New Hampshire, United States : Marshall Peck III



Pier, a professional illustrator, sent us a series of preliminary sketches for one of his maps. We particularly like seeing his thought process as he creates the map. Pier tell us this map, "was drawn for a wedding in upstate New Hampshire. All of the guests were driving up from Boston, Northampton, Manchester...and then later I added New York City. Only two main highways going north were going to be travelled. The clients, friends of mine, insisted that GOD was not to be a part of the ceremony, so I decided GOD would appear on the map."

2008-06-25 : New Hampshire, United States : Pier Gustafson


Lab Group Retreat

One of our favorite repeat map submitters, Glen Lindeke, writes that this map shows the "location of the annual Dr. Pratt Lab (Wesleyan University) hiking trip. Alumni and current members of the lab group plus their guests meet up every summer for a weekend of revelry and hiking. I'm not sure I got all the dates right, but this includes many of the places we have stayed or frequented over the various summers. Wesleyan University owned a cabin in North Woodstock which was a gift from an alumnus, but they sold the cabin and we were forced to find alternative destinations. Places of interest include our various cabins, Loon Mountain, Lonesome Lake, Echo Lake where our hiking trail was broken up by a new golf course, and Bunga Road."

2008-00-00 : White Mountains, New Hampshire, United States : Glen Lindeke


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