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Surrounded by Trees

Pier, a mapping visionary and frequent contributor to our collection, recently sent us this intricate map. He drew the map to explain how to get to his parents' home from various locations in the Minneapolis area. Turning the map reveals the different starting points: Eagan, the airport, St. Paul, Minneapolis (MPLS) and Burnsville (Ville). Simply choose your starting point and as Pier told us, "follow the twigs to the branches to the limbs to the trunk."

2009-04-09 : Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States : Pier Gustafson


Follow the Fleet

Pier writes, "My brother is a sailor at the Wayzata Yacht Club. He was to give a party to other sailors in his class at his home in Golden Valley. I chose the route between the two points which resembled tacking back and fourth. Initially I wanted it to be a group of sailboats, but changed to various steamships instead as I wanted the smoke to be a part of the composition."

2008-10-00 : Wayzata, Minnesota, United States : Pier Gustafson



Jennifer drew this map for a co-worker over lunch. She was interested in going shopping in Maple Grove, so Jennifer indicated the location of the stores she was interested in visiting.

2008-09-03 : Maple Grove, Minnesota, United States : Jennifer Sodd


Blue Plate

Pier recently sent us this beautifully illustrated map from his personal collection. He writes, "This is a map I made to direct house guests driving from the Twin Cities to the lake home of my parents. My mother has a collection of blue and white china displayed on the dining room wall, so that seemed the perfect aesthetic to co-opt for the map."

2006-00-00 : Gull Lake, Minnesota, United States : Pier Gustafson



This map features such places as the Boundary Waters, Fargo, the Red River, and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. When asked about the smokestack-like feature at the top of Minnesota, Glen informed me it's the northernmost point in the continental United States in the middle of a lake shared with Canada.

2008-03-10 : Minnesota, United States : Glen Lindeke


Twin Cities

Maps 17 and 18 were provided via email by Glen Lindeke. In his email Lindeke indicated that the maps were drawn to help explain the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and Minnesota in general to New Englanders. This map provides a detailed overview of the area with slight preference given to St. Paul. Features include the Mall of America, fairgrounds, and the capitol building. It was obviously drawn by someone quite familiar with the area. [Larger version]

2008-03-10 : Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, United States : Glen Lindeke


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