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Courtney sent us this map she drew in 2008 to help direct ushers to a new location of the theater office. She writes, "Who can ever find classroom numbers in old academic buildings? I thought a map could more easily convey where to find our new office. This building on Michigan State University's campus is the old auditorium, a theatre with classrooms inside as well. Fun fact: This is one of only a handful of theaters in the world that has two auditoriums sharing a stage. Although not very practical (only one show can go on at a time), it is very multipurpose. The auditorium on the west seats up to 3200, and the theatre on the east side of the building seats 600."

2008-00-00 : Michigan State University, Michigan, United States : Courtney Rizzo


Lake Michigan Wedding

Lydia sent a short note along with this map. She writes, "this is a letterpressed version of the map my husband drew for our wedding on Lake Michigan. We invited guests to celebrate in Frankfort, MI, a little time-capsule of a town where I spent my summers growing up. My 90-year-old grandpa still lives there."

2011-08-00 : Frankford, Michigan, United States : Lydia and Daniel


Directions to Detroit

Nora sent this image along with the following note: "I have attached a photo of my daughter's directions from Okemos, Michigan to her best friend's place in Detroit, Michigan. In a hurry, she didn't take time to write them on paper but instead used a piece of styrofoam. We all laughed about this. Had to share it with your map site."

2011-05-16 : Detroit, Michigan, United States : Nora Thompson


For Mom

Anne created this map as a gift for her mother. The map is a depiction of her mom's favorite walking trail in McMullen Park located in west central Wisconsin.

2010-01-16 : McMullen Park, Wisconsin, United States : Anne Leuck Feldhaus


Safe Way Home

Courtney's friend, Peter Howard, drew this map to explain a safe route from his apartment in downtown Detroit to the Lodge Freeway.

2009-11-22 : Detroit, Michigan, United States : Courtney Rizzo


Marriage of Figaro

These diagrams were used while Courtney was a stage manager at the Michigan University Opera Theatre to map out the four acts of Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro." Courtney writes, "Although most of the objects are chairs or walls, there was quite a big tree in Act IV, and the largest square that appears in each quadrant was a set piece lovingly referred to as the COD, short for Cube of Death."

2008-00-00 : Michigan State University : Courtney Rizzo



Kelly, our neighbor at the DIY fest, drew this map of Michigan. Her map documents the commonly held idea that the eastern part of the state is shaped like a hand. Perhaps the northern part is a bit like a whale. What do you think?

2009-05-09 : Michigan, United States : Kelly Laughlin


The Great Swiftness

This map by an unknown person is also from DIY Fest. Furthermore, it follows our theme for today: a map to a place you could never find if you went looking. UPDATE: The map was recently identified via our Unidentified Maps blog as Grand Rapids, Michigan. Sweet.

2009-05-09 : Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States : Anonymous


Tree Trimming

Larry sent us this map along with the following note: "This is a typical map that I would send with the crew in the morning to do brush and tree triming on the bike paths for West Bloomfield Township, Michigan. It could take a week to finish all the brush on one map."

2008-08-08 : Goodrich, Michigan, United States : Larry Bond


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