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Here Be Burritos

Ken who works professionally as a cartographer has recently begun exploring the creative potential of maps. He sent this image, his third venture into artistic surveying. He writes, "I painted this map on a table for use in a new burrito restaurant that is opening down the street from me. The owner solicited the help of local artists to paint their tables and I centered the map on Gardiner, ME, where we are located. I've added a couple of places and things that interest me about this area, as well as a few private jokes (such as Mexico, ME). Its about 2' x 2' and I used acrylic paint, a medium that I've never used before."

2011-01-17 : Gardiner, Maine, United States : Ken Gross


Snake Area

Jeff created this quick map on a sticky note to include in his DeLorme atlas as a way to remember an area known to contain Black Racers. Maps on Post-it notes are some of the best. Another one of my favorite 3"x3" maps is of a police chase collected by Tony Gonzalez. What's Delorme? See Jeff's accomplished map-related art on his website:

2010-10-28 : Maine, United States : Jeff Woodbury


Free Shop-Vac

Jeff writes, "I found a free Shop-Vac on Craigslist in a town about 6 miles up the road and had to rush over during my lunch hour. The owner said her house was a little tricky to find, so I looked up the address on Google Maps. It was faster and simpler to sketch out the essential route than to print it out - and easier to read, too." See more of Jeff's maps in Curated Collection #9.

2010-10-28 : Maine, United States : Jeff Woodbury


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