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Map to M.I.T.

Margo writes, "I conducted some archival research at M.I.T. in February 2011. My friend Ari Kardasis was attending graduate school there at the time, and graciously put me up for the night. We caught up over dinner and he drew me a map from his apartment to campus on the back of my receipt. I used the map the next morning."

2011-02-00 : Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States : Ari Kardasis (courtesy Margo Handwerker)


Charlie's Place

Amanda writes, "This map was drawn by a bartender at the hotel to accompany her oral directions to find the breakfast place where her sister-in-law worked. She drew the map and explained it late at night and we followed it with success the next morning. The gist was to turn left from the hotel onto the coast road, bear left at the Y intersection, turn left at a stop sign, and Charlie's Place was on the left, across from the Stop and Shop. If you get to the White Hen, you've gone too far."

2011-09-12 : Gloucester, Massachusetts, United States : Amanda Vincent


Fenway Park Wedding

Dan writes, "this was a quick attempt at guiding an out-of-town musician friend (hence the staff paper) from Kenmore Square to the site of my wedding at Fenway Park in Boston last year. Note the landmarks at Unos, Beerworks, the banners on Yawkey Way, and gates D and B." Some other great wedding maps include Map to medical center in Portalnd, Oregon during honeymoon and Justin Rectenwald's map to his wedding at the Fairmount Rowing Association in Philadelphia.

2009-00-00 : Boston, Massachusetts, United States : Dan Craig


Memory Maps

Alex sent us a collection of memory maps drawn by the staff at the Worcester Art Museum. The maps document childhood memories which have taken place in various locations.

2009-10-08 : Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States : Alexander Dunn









Ben explains, "back in 2004, a friend who had recently obtained her driver's license asked me about the relationship of I-93, I-95, and MA Route 128 near Boston. As I started answering the question, I grabbed a pen and started drawing a map on the back of a wedding invitation she had lying around. As she asked more questions over the next ten minutes, I filled in more and more detail from memory, ultimately producing this map of major highways within 15 miles north and east of Boston."

2004-00-00 : Boston, Massachusetts, United States : Ben Artin


A Boy in Allston

Maps 21-26 were submitted to the HDMA by lola dam sorrow via a ".rar" file uploaded to Sendspace. The collection of maps is from a series called Maps for Girls which lola hopes to make into a zine someday. These intriguing personal stories speak better for themselves so I will stop typing now.

2008-03-21 : Allston, Boston, Massachusetts, United States : lola dam sorrow


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