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College Life

Emily Oliver's college life between sleeping and working. Larger version

2011-05-01 : Chicago, Illinois : Emily Oliver


Speaker Phase

Allison recently sent us a large map of her recent travels that we're hoping to include in our upcoming book along with this map and the following note: "I also threw in a map on a napkin that my husband drew at dinner tonight. He wanted to show how we would arrange the couches and all of his sound equipment, rugs, etc. in a house we do not own yet. (We also don't own the couches, rugs - most of the stuff he drew...) He is going through a 'speaker phase' as this strange little map shows. Planning early is essential I'm told."

2009-05-00 : Springfield, Illinois, United States : Allison Lacher


House of the Future

This simple map from Tony has quickly become one of our favorites. Perhaps it's the name Tony gave the map, "House of the Future," or the strange juxtaposition of the words "Cuba" and "Walmart." At any rate, we love it. Tony let us know this map shows the location of a house he moved into around 2000. The map was drawn while house hunting when three or four homes were still in the running. We also like the quickly drawn house shape, the dots representing stop lights, and the RE/MAX stationery on the other side. Ok, that's enough about what we like.

2000-00-00 : Lake Zurich, Illinois, United States : Tony Gonzalez


Optometry Appointment

Tony writes, "I had to GoogleMap search this one to figure it out. It appears to be directions to the eye doctor that my younger brother visited in his youth. Apparently there were two decent ways to get there, hence the circuit, and I'm a big fan of the landmarks. Note the dots representing stoplights."

2008-09-28 : Elk Grove, Illinois, United States : Tony Gonzalez


Mom's Map

In August 2008, Tony found the HDMA online and decided to write an article for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune where he was a summer intern. During our interview, Tony mentioned that his mother was always drawing maps for him as he was starting out on his own in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Eventually he emailed his mother, knowing that the maps were still sitting in piles of paperwork. She sent them to Tony, Tony sent them to us, and we will share some of the them with you. Today's map from Tony is a one that he used in 2004 to drive him and his date (now fiancee) to their prom near the O'Hare Airport.

2004-00-00 : Chicago, Illinois, United States : Tony Gonzalez


Film and Tape Works

We received this map recently in an envelope from an anonymous person in Chicago. The map was drawn on the back of a fax cover page with two small pink Post-It notes on the back. The notes state: "My boss, owner of the Film and Tape Works, makes these all time. It's hilarious." and "237 E. Ontario to 311 S. Wacker."

2008-08-00 : Chicago, Illinois, United States : Anonymous



Steve sent us a map detailing some of the unique features of the neighborhood surrounding his research and design studio. He created the map one day to document the installation of the internet for his blog and began to notice "we are surrounded by drug dealers."

2007-11-21 : Carbondale, Illinois, United States : Steve Gough


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