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Johnny writes, "my contribution is a map of a paintball field my friends and I built in the woods of my old house about ten years ago when we were in high school. It's located in Bethel, Connecticut. Although it is not to scale, it still retains the major points. It's been a long time since I thought about those fun times playing war with my buddies. Straight from my old sketchbook to you."

2001-00-00 : Bethel, Connecticut, United States : Johnny N.


Connecticut Memories

Aura writes, "This map of the town where I grew up in Connecticut is drawn entirely from memory. While drawing, I realized that I would not have been able to remember nearly as much detail about my surroundings had my neighborhood journeys relied on the regular use of a GPS device (like many of us use today). The map is not drawn to scale, but I did attempt to convey a sense of distance by indicating the length of time it would take me to drive to the places of my childhood that I chose to include on the map."

2011-01-10 : Woodbridge, Connecticut, United States : Aura Seltzer


Wesleyan University

Here's another map sent to us recently by Glen. It shows the campus of Wesleyan University and its main features. Thanks Glen for another perfectly useful map.

2008-00-00 : Middletown, Connecticut, United States : Glen Lindeke


Mini Golf

Glen writes, "A friend and I set up this course in my last apartment in Norwich, CT. We used black hockey tape to make squares on the carpet for holes. You can see the course rules on the upper section of the photo. 5 hole locations were used each from 2 tees to make up a 10 hole course. As one could imagine, the layout of the holes changed quite a bit from day to day depending on how clean the apartment was at the time. Also a resident furry creature was known to come into play."

2008-00-00 : Norwich, Connecticut, United States : Glen Lindeke


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