Josh Lafayette

Josh's thoughts on this collection:

"After my wife and I had worked for a while and saved up a nice amount of money, we decided to move to Florence, Italy. So in September 2009 we crossed the Atlantic and settled in a place where we didn't speak the language, had no prior knowledge of, and had no jobs. Being this far out of my element, maps became a huge part of my daily routine - maps to get me where I needed to be, maps to layout my responsibilities for the day, maps of my finances, and so on. Most of these maps manifested themselves in the form of lists. I consider myself a pretty nostalgic person, so when I first started making these lists of daily doings and spendings I really liked being able to look back at what I'd done on a specific day. A list of my purchases presented a map of my day - it was like a scrapbook except all of the emotion was in my head instead of on the paper. So, I've kept up with making these lists and I look back from time to time to shed a tear over the happiness I felt when I found pancake mix at an Asian market."

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