Vicente Montelongo

Vicente reinterprets the city of San Francisco as a grid for drawing pixel art using his bike, a map, and a GPS device.

He writes, "I'm a product of my childhood I guess. I played so many video games mainly from the era starting from Atari 2600 and early arcade games up to Nintendo 8bit. I love pixel art and the city streets here really facilitated drawing on a gridded pixel format. We ride our bikes around the city all the time, and sometimes you want to ride just for the fun of it, so rather than follow the usual bike trails, I decided to create my own using these drawings. The routes usually end up being around 10 miles or so, depending on complexity, and you never know where the trip will take you in reality. On paper or screen, it's a flat line on a grid, but once you get out there, you might encounter some massive hills, or some streets you didn't even know existed. You get to see the city in a different way like this. And it's a challenge to stay constantly aware of the path you're taking while navigating traffic and such, so that's a bit of an exercise as well, sort of a mental game in conjunction with the physical workout you're getting. Give it a try."

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