Jan Rothuizen et al.

Jan shared with us a series of maps that were created by various individuals, young and old, during a project he initiated for the 2008 Museumnacht Amsterdam featuring a variety of programming based on the ideas of the Situationist International. We've been doing some cleaning of our hard drive, found these maps and wanted to share them with you. Two of the maps were originally posted on the site as #125 and #126 (numbers 1 and 2 above).

Jan asked individuals to draw a map from any location to the ARCAM (Amsterdam Center for Architecture) building. The heading for each of the maps submitted by Jan reads "From here to there. Trace your route to here (the ARCAM building). The starting point is A, this could be your starting point this Museumnacht or for example your house." We won't bother translating the rest of the text on the maps. We think they are interesting whether you can read Dutch or not.

Also included here are three maps (#8, #9, #10) created by Rothuizen of various walks he has taken in Cairo, Amsterdam, and Beruit. Some of these drawings are included in his current project, the Soft Atlas of Amsterdam.

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