John Hutchison

John's thoughts on his collection:

"Maps are magic. This two dimensional form of communication allows us to better understand this real three dimensional world. Magic for sure. Did you know that it is claimed Piri Reis had a map that accurately depicted the Antarctic coastline, which is under a mile of ice, in the early 16th century? Those crazy Ottomans. sorry what was I saying?

"There is an amazing power in maps. There is also an amazing authority that comes with that power. maps are serious business. Their power to transit information ensures they are virtually always considered reference materials.

"I fell under the spell of maps from an early age. I count road trips as one of my most favorite activities in the world. My interest in maps, or rather map making as a mechanism to tell stories, or convey ideas is to turn the traditional notion of maps as authority slightly askew. What if maps didn't convey information that was of any use to most people? What if maps were used to transmit information about someone's life, as a biography if you will? What if that biography was just some average jack ass like me? Would the fact they were maps make it somehow more interesting?"

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