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Getting Home

Susan drew this map after getting lost on her way home to Philadelphia over Thanksgiving weekend. She writes, "I stayed with this boy in Brooklyn [who lives at the point marked 88*R]. We had pancakes in the morning, which was really nice. On my way home, I had plans to meet another friend for coffee (at the Clover Club, also in New York). Then the plan was to just cross the bridge, hop on the New Jersey Turnpike and get home in time to write an enormous paper for school. Instead, I missed the bridge, ended up in Coney Island, got directions again, then got lost in a very very dark, woodsy part of the state, and had to figure my way out of there, no phone, no GPS." Eventually Susan found her way home via the Ben Franklin bridge blaming the ordeal partially on herself and partially on the chaotically organized state of New Jersey.

2010-11-28 : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States : Susan Liedke



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