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From One Mall to the Other

This map shows how to get from one mall in Lancaster (Park City Mall) to another in York (the Galleria). Probably the best feature of the map drawn by Shalya's husband, Jeffrey Moser, is the rendering of the Columbia-Wrightsville bridge going over the Susquehanna River.

2007-00-00 : Lancaster to York, Pennsylvania, United States : Shalya Marsh


Nearby Restaurants

This simple map may be useful if you ever find yourself in Wilmington, Delaware. It explains where you can find restaurants after you visit the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts. When you are finished eating, the map directs you towards Interstate 95 so you can be on your way. Though simple, the map is apparently quite accurate so it should be easy for you to follow.

2007-08-00 : Wilmington, Delaware, United States : Shalya Marsh



This map submitted by our friend Shalya shows how to find the Homefields Farm, a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It's a farm that we belong to as do many of our friends in the area. Our favorite reason for belonging to the farm is the berries: blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. They have other great produce as well, but the berries are the best. The farm also operates a vocational training program through Goodwill Industries offering job training opportunities to individuals with developmental disabilities or other special needs.

2006-00-00 : Millersville, Pennsylvania, United States : Shalya Marsh


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