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Beavers vs. Trees

Scott says, "A map of alder trees felled by beavers from a nearby lodge. Some people look at this as damage, but I like to point out that this is exactly what beaver are supposed to do. They're actually making land and making forest when they cut down fast growing trees like alders. It's only damage if one assigns more value to one natural object over another." view larger image

2011-03-19 : Union Bay, Seattle, Washington, United States : Scott Schuldt


Hand Surveyed

This truly beautiful, large scale map was created by Scott while hand surveying Discovery Park with a plane table and pacing. He describes some of his process: "I walked as steady a bearing as possible across the park until I hit the shore of Puget Sound. The park is partially an old army fort with historic buildings and rugged dense forest that has been reclaiming former fort areas. I mapped distinct objects, mostly trees and buildings, estimated tree canopy sizes and color coded them by species. The actual transect line wanders, particularly in steep terrain and the densest forest areas (which can be recognized by the density of mapped trees). The work was done 'explorer style,' picking a semi-random bearing, working with the terrain, no GPS, no reference to other maps. It took eight days to complete, but I was by myself, so there is a lot of backtracking when taking sights."

2009-10-00 : Discovery Park, Seattle, Washington, United States : Scott Schuldt



Volunteer Park

Scott drew this detailed map of the trees in Volunteer Park in Seattle. The map was surveyed with a home made alidade and plane table.

2009-09-13 : Seattle, Washington, United States : Scott Schuldt


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