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Williwaw Map Cache

Scott sent us this map he drew in a geocaching log book. He tells us, "The goal of the cache was to get folks to take a moment and draw a hand made map inside the log book of a place they knew or have visited. I was trying to teach geocachers the fundamentals of cartography and provided guidelines inside the book to help. Along with the log book I provided many maps of Anchorage and other areas that I have visited and encouraged visitors to 'take a map and leave a map.'" Unfortunately Scott tells us that the entire cache including the book and all of the maps was eventually stolen.

2009-10-19 : Anchorage, Alaska, United States : Scott Griffith


Bird Creek Brewery

Scott created this map of the Bird Creek Brewery in 1993. He drew the map from memory after attending a tour of the facilities. The Bird Creek Brewery closed around 1998.

1993-00-00 : Anchorage, Alaska, United States : Scott Griffith


Looking for a Good Contractor

Scott sent us a whole bunch of maps the other day. Some went into the book and others we'll be sharing here. First up are two maps to different contractor locations Scott found in his construction log.

2009-00-00 : Various Locations : Scott Griffith


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