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Come Whenever You Want

Ricardo sent this map to his house in Rosario. Starting from the National Monument, a famous landmark commemorating the Argentinian government and national flag, you simply follow the streets to the red flag in the bottom right corner. Ricardo mentioned we are all welcome at his house anytime. Not sure he really means it, but let's go visit, eh? Or maybe you'd be more interested in this map inviting anyone who uses it to SLEEPOVER.

2010-10-16 : Rosario, Argentina : Ricardo Peralta



Ricardo sent this map drawn by his friend Gustavo to provide directions to his 40th birthday party in La Calera, a small village in the mountains. Cartographically, it is a wonderful hybrid including hand drawn elements juxtaposed with a more idealized tourist map. This mashup reveals an interesting contrast. We can see how both sections are interpretations of the landscape and equally useful as navigation tools, yet the approach is tremendously different. The hand drawn area is more loose and freeform. Scale and detail are less important focusing attention on only the most relevant landmarks. The tourist map, on the other hand, simplifies the terrain in favor of providing a proliferation of information a visitor is likely to require. Perhaps the creator of this map is even aware of the disparity, using a technological amalgamation of hand and computer to indicate both the destination and the transition from one map to another.

2010-10-27 : La Calera, Argentina : Ricardo Peralta


Continental Connection

Ricardo's map reveals the important geographic and economic connection between North and South America. In his map the two regions are composed of and united by a single squiggle.

2010-10-09 : Rosario, Argentina : Ricardo Peralta


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