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Every Airline Ticket

Ghita sent us this collaged map made by her mother. She writes,"As expat Lebanese living in Kuwait, we used to travel more than once a year, both to Lebanon to visit family as well as to other parts of the world for holidays. Hence this map is a collage of every single airplane ticket that my mother has collected starting even before my father's flight from Kuwait to Lebanon for their wedding! Back in the day, airplane tickets consisted of a booklet of several pages. Thus the sea is made out of the pages with the booking information and the continents are made of the different airline ticket covers. The map lay in our basement for 4-5 months where my mom worked several hours a day pasting and gluing to complete it. She then painted on top of the sea area to give it a more bluish tone."

2001-00-00 : The world : Mona Abi-Hanna courtesy Ghita Abi-Hanna


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