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Lukas emailed us this map recently. He writes that the map "is a how-to-get-there for the 30th anniversary of the Yamaha SR500, which took place in May '08. Tons of bikes, any state of customizing was present, and we were having a ball. And then another. The community is pretty big for a bike that old, and they (mostly) couldn't care less about colours, looking grim and being big, bad bikers. It's hard to do this on a SR anyway. Main question is always: How do I keep it running? Flag marks the spot, though I found out later that I had it misplaced. We got there anyway."

2008-05-00 : Buldern, Germany : Lukas Volcker


B Mountain

This map shows the location of a micro festival called B-mountain in the vicinity of Braunschweig, Germany. Lukas writes, "X marks the spot. One night, four bands, rock, ska, punk. Admission Fee? Hah! Pretty alternative, but if you have a tent, you're good to go. I went there in the summer of '06. Beautiful!"

2006-07-00 : Braunschweig, Germany : Lukas Volcker


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