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Treasure Map

Gonzalo created this map for his son's birthday party. The maps was painted on plywood and cut into six pieces for a treasure hunt. Gonzalo told us that everyone had a great time looking for the different pieces of the map and eventually discovering the treasure.

Text on the map reads:

If my treasure you seek to find
you shall leave your fears behind
for the path is full of danger
trust nobody, friend or stranger.
A thousand teeth you'll have to fight
and then the shore will be on sight
the sand might move under your feet
to move along you'll have to fleet.
You'll find yourself in darkest night
but at the end you'll see the light,
I'll wait for you at the other side
and there will be no place to hide.
Aim high and try your best,
and when you do, you'll find the chest!

2009-00-00 : Skull Island : Gonzalo Hernandez


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