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Montablan Archipelago

George drew this map while attending Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi, India for a year of study in 1969. He writes, "The archipelago is imaginal, having been developed as a fantasy while mowing a rather large yard growing up In Iowa City, Iowa. (I was growing and so was the lawn). It was my fantasy that I was one of the exploited workers on a plantation on the island of Lospania, and was planning to revolt. (This was probably around 1962-63). Over the years the island chain expanded becoming the archipelago. (Was Ricardo Montalban on Fantasy Island at that time)? I never developed a full history of the islands, obviously some family named Talor played a part. (That probably came from Jim Taylor of the Green Bay Packers, but I didn't know how the name was spelled). My father being a geographer undoubtedly contributed to the cartographic nature of this fantasy, but I also wrote poetry in the Montablan language during that year in India, influenced I'm sure by other aspects of Indian culture."

1969-00-00 : Montablan : George F. (Jeff) Kohn


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