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"We were given an assignment for our Creating Community Environments class to make a map. I realized that the largest map I could make is one of all the fan universes that I have enjoyed over my lifetime. This spans everything from He-Man to Heinlein, plus a short story I wrote in the 8th grade, which should be the one non-popular media related point on any of the maps. What's interesting is how most of my fandoms are for galaxies that already have incredibly detailed star maps created by very meticulous people. Mine is just for me.

"I've been a fan of science fiction FOREVER. Being a child of the 80's, I had action figures: Star Wars, He-Man, Thundercats, Transformers, etc. By and large, I would only use He-Man figures with other He-Man figures, but every once in awhile, during giant battles or epic journeys, there was cross-pollination into other realms. Heroes and good people understood other good people. In fact, my mother filmed my action figure puppet show, 'He-Man in Oz.'

"Time goes on and I grow up and I have continued to watch a plethora of shows. I began to recognize actors from one genre show up in other genres. And my fiance and I started to wonder if there isn't perhaps a meta-story being told over the course of all these shows. Nathan Fillion is from Firefly and is now in Castle and in the second half of the second season, the rival man for Kate Beckett's affection is Michael Trucco, who played Samuel Anders in the new version of BattleStar Galactica. There IS a world where Serenity and Battlestar Galactica co-exist and they TOTALLY JUST COLLIDED. It allows your mind's playground to have a blast creating realities that interweave, telling a larger story, ultimately of what you respected within popular culture. I get to create personal LotR levels of epic, where Han Solo meets Captain Mal and both must combine their efforts to defeat the Cylons who joined forces with the Borg by finding Gondola. Which is made of Awesome." Larger version

2010-11-02 : The Body : David Phillips


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